Exercise Therapy

Stability 20Ball

At Satnick Chiropractic we believe in treating patients as individuals, which is why each patient goes through a functional movement assessment. This assessment allows our exercise therapist to determine the specific problem areas that are causing pain. This allows us to design a rehabilitative exercise program that meets each individuals specific musculoskelatal needs.

One of the reasons our patients are given a functional movement assessment is to determine how the joints above and below the injured area are moving. Many people suffering from chronic back pain may have a problem in the hip joint that is actually causing the problem, this is why only treating the back may not resolve the pain.

Many people suffering from chronic back pain can experience relief by adapting a core strengthening exercise program. The difference with core strengthening is that it strengthens the deep abdominal muscles creating a strong unit to protect the back from being injured during exercise and activities of daily living.

We are very pleased with our latest addition to the office, exercise assistant Kylani Remick. Kylani is available Monday through Friday, and can be booked right alongside your appointment with the doctor. Kylani can assist you if you are rehabilitating an injured area or rehabilitating post-surgery, looking to learning new stretches and exercise techniques, need assistance in working out tension, seek to strengthen weakened areas of your body, or simply increase overall strength.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. ~Plato